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The Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) Awards Programme annually recognises outstanding accomplishments of individuals and companies in the energy industry. Through our Awards Programme, SAEEC shines the light on the important work that is being done in energy by individuals, organisations, government, agencies, and corporations.

The Awards are a token of recognition for the commitment to the profession; desire to further the Confederation's goal of advancing the continuous improvement of Energy management in contributing to sustainable energy consumption, inclusive economic growth and climate change mitigation. These prestigious Awards are presented at the Annual SAEEC Banquet and Awards Ceremony to be held in March 2018.  

Each award is allocated specific judging criteria and many awards share similar criteria. In the interests of clarity, these criteria are defined in detail here. These are the guidelines the SAEEC’s Technical Committee will refer to when they make their decisions.


A.  Leadership & Integrity

  • Demonstrated ability to persuade others to "buy into" a change or a new initiative. Ability to work with diverse teams and sets of skills and seen by competitors as a leader and role model.

B.  Innovation/Creativity/Initiative
  • The entry must represent a clear "break" with previously established methods or processes and demonstrate an ability to implement change; and not just simply an adaptation of existing techniques.
  • New and innovative products, services and/or solution offerings that reduce the demand of energy resources should be demonstrated.
  • The individual or organisation must encourage new ideas and risk-taking in their organisation. They should propel their business through inventiveness.
C.  Performance & Achievements
  • Must have participated in contributing positively to the growth of the energy efficiency industry.
  • Contribution to the growth of the energy efficiency shown by a reduced impact on the environment will bode favourably.
D.  Challenges & Outcomes
      In assessing challenges, the following will be looked into:
  • Technical complexity
  • Technical innovation (overcoming "it can't be done")
  • Environmental, social or political difficulties in the path of completing a project
  • Complexity of access to finance (where appropriate)
  • Substantiated declarations of the achievements are required.


SAEE Confederation Awards are presented to energy professionals and organisations who have achieved international, national, or regional prominence in their fields. Candidates for awards are not required to be SAEEC members, but must be nominated by an SAEE Confederation member in good standing, a SAEEC Division, or by an officer of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Through its Awards Programme, SAEEC and its divisions recognise achievers in the fields we serve. Winners will be formally recognised at our Annual Banquet and will be presented with our framed Award certificate commemorating their achievements. They will also be featured in issues of SAEEC newsletters through profiles, case studies and/or showcasing at Learning by Sharing events. Winning awards which correlate with the AEE international awards will also be submitted for the 2018 AEE Awards and will be recognized in issues of SAEEC newsletters.

Entries are invited in any of the categories of the Awards Programme. As many categories as desired may be entered.

Each award addresses a unique area and submissions should describe nominee's proficiency or Successes in that category.

The nomination of an individual should include a description of the nominee's work in the field, including short but descriptive summary(s) of specific projects or programmes he/she has worked on including innovative projects, substantiated savings, etc.

The nomination of a project should include a description of the type of project, equipment installed, operating results, substantiated savings (cost savings and energy savings), financial data, or special features. Projects are eligible for nomination only after they have been in operation for at least six months and can be substantiated with actual installation costs and operating savings. Because awards are based on installed and successful projects, future plans and goals are not considered.

Nominators are required to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the nominations they submit. Nominees may also be required to confirm their information.
Entries must be received by close of business on Wednesday, 31 January 2018.
Nominations are open to all persons and organisations.

Exclusions: Current members of the SAEEC Board and Committees are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award, except for the SAEEC service award.

The SAEEC reserves the right to move an entry to a different category from the category entered if the entry is better suited to that category.

In the event that there are too few qualified nominations in a particular category, the SAEEC Technical Evaluation Committee reserves the right to not select a winner in that category. The SAEEC Technical Evaluation Committee reserves this right in the case of awards to individuals regardless of the number of entries.

The finalists for all awards categories are required to register a representative to attend the SAEEC Energy Awards Ceremony/Banquet Dinner to accept their award in person if they are selected the winner.

All nominations must be submitted using the manual entry form that can be obtained by downloading it from the website,, or by contacting the SAEEC Administration Office. Manual forms must be submitted via email. Nominations and supporting materials must be received no later than Wednesday, 31 January 2018 by 5 pm. No extensions to this date will be granted and incomplete entries or entries exceeding the stated number of words in the nomination summary will not be considered.

Nominations may be submitted either directly from a company, from an involved individual, or from a third party. In the event that a third party nominates a company or individual, SAEEC will contact the nominated company or individual and ask the nominee to review the nomination for accuracy and, if necessary, provide any missing documentation. If the company or individual fails to provide the required response by the specified date, the nomination will be excluded from adjudication.

Each nomination MUST be accompanied by a motivation or nomination, not to exceed 150 words (2-3 paragraphs), that explains the rationale behind the entry and a summary/brief statement not exceeding 150 words, providing the main accomplishments and/or qualifications and background of the individual or organisation. We strongly encourage you to tailor each summary to the individual category for which you are nominating. All amounts and financial statistics MUST be in RSA Rands (R). The Nominating Summary should be submitted electronically through the Online Nominating Process or manually via email (see details below).

Each nomination should include the nominated company’s logo. The logo file can be emailed to (We regret that no materials can be returned.)

Winners will NOT be notified prior to the SAEEC Energy Awards Ceremony/Banquet Dinner; however all nominations must be accompanied by the name of the person who will be accepting the award if the nominee is chosen as the winner.

Each winner is expected to accept their award at the awards ceremony in March 2018 (Date to be confirmed).

All information submitted through the Online Nominating Process and all supporting materials will be considered confidential and will only be used by SAEEC and its Technical Evaluation Committee for the purposes of selecting finalists and winners for the 2017 SAEEC Awards Ceremony.

Energy Awards. Award Nomination Deadline for 2018: Wednesday, 31 January 2018 at 5 p.m.

Entries are first screened to verify eligibility. Each entry is then individually evaluated according to official judging criteria.

Entries in the categories are judged by a Technical Awards Committee composed of experienced and qualified energy/environmental/engineering professionals. The Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category in which nominees do not meet expected levels of performance. The decision of the Committee is final.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email If your message is regarding a nomination that has been submitted, the following information must be included in the subject line: Number assigned to nomination, category, nominee’s name.



  • Awarded to a newcomer, in recognition of the individual or organization’s outstanding achievements demonstrated within the energy industry in the Southern African region.
  • The candidate must have participated in contributing positively to the growth of the energy efficiency industry, with new and innovative products, services and/or solution offerings that reduce the demand of energy resources. A reduced impact on the environment will bode favorably.
  • Substantiated declarations of the achievements are required.
  • A newcomer is considered such when an organisation entered the energy industry within the last 4 years of the entry date, or when an individual has entered the energy industry within any organisation within the last 4 years of the entry date. Entrants from a company that launched a “re-brand” do not qualify in this category.

  • Presented to a private sector business, corporation, agency, or organization for outstanding accomplishments in developing, organizing, managing and implementing its corporate energy management programme, and for superior service to the (SAEEC) or any other collective energy management effort.
  • Awarded to a company, that has demonstrated outstanding overall performance achievements in the energy industry in the Southern African region.
  • The company’s achievements must demonstrate the effective and continuous efficient use of any of the energy resources through one or a combination of initiatives like the implementation of energy efficiency, energy management, process optimization, energy innovation, utilizing efficient equipment, awareness creation and education, or has advanced and expanded access to power and energy in a sustainable manner, etc. within its end-user client-base.
  • A significant achievement, or a combination of achievements that demonstrate the company’s overall performance, will be considered.
  • A positive impact on the environment through the company’s activities delivered to the end-user will be beneficial.
  • Substantiated declarations of the achievements are required.
  • The achievement result must fall within the last year of the entry date.

  • This new category is distinct from the previous category which is aimed at companies doing specific or diversified business in or with the private sector. It is being introduced to promote the recognition of Energy Service companies. Criteria for this award include:
  • A positive contribution to the growth of the energy efficiency industry through the delivery of its services, products, technologies, solutions or consultation provided to end-users of energy resources etc, within the company’s area of expertise.
  • This entry should include at least three examples of services provided to a private or public sector organisation which has led to energy solutions or savings over the past 12 months from date of nomination. All claimed successes should be accompanied by substantiated evidence of the interventions, cost savings, energy savings, financial savings and carbon emission reduction.
  • Provide a summary of skills and professional qualifications within the ESCO
  • Provide three references of companies who have had successful results through your services.

  • Propose that the individual must be formally appointed as an energy manager (however named and as per job description), success of programmes, activities, etc. personally developed and implemented.
  • Success to be measured in terms of Energy- and Rand-savings. Case-study to be submitted.
  • It may not be for a company or person who submits an entry for any of the other awards.
  • Presented to an individual for outstanding accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles of energy management and development, and for superior service to the SAEEC or any other collective Energy Efficiency programme.
  • Awarded to the most senior individual responsible for Energy or Energy Manager or Energy champion performing duties for an industrial or commercial firm, or building owner/manager, etc.

  • This award can be given for an energy project at any company in any sector or industry with proven success of their project. Projects must have been completed in, and started operation, during the last year of date of entry so that results are available. The project's achievements and results must be substantiated.
  • Awarded to recognize energy efficiency projects that have delivered outstanding energy saving results in the energy industry within the Southern African region.
  • Brownfield or Greenfield projects in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors will be considered.
  • A project that has employed innovative and effective ways of reducing the use of energy resources through implementing energy management, renewable energy installations, energy efficiency, installing energy saving devices, optimizing processes, implementing standards, expanded access to power, innovative means of conservation, etc.
  • A project that has demonstrated an exceptional return on investment to demonstrate that energy efficiency makes business sense.
  • Favourable consideration will be given to projects that consider the global environmental crisis, take cognizance of sustainability and has significantly reduced its reliance on the national electrical grid.

  • This is a new award introduced to give recognition and advance the role of women in the Energy Sector. This award can apply to any of the previous awards where the focus is on the special role played by a female in leading a project in relation to a company, Energy Services Company or in their role as Energy Manager or Professional. Additional criteria include:
  • A female owned or led company delivering products or services in the energy industry. This need not be restricted to energy efficiency but can include any form of sustainable energy solutions.
  • The successes of this nominee should be substantiated with savings in terms of cost or investments in energy solutions, energy savings, financial savings and carbon emission reduction.
  • This nomination should include a testimonial to support the contribution or successes achieved through the efforts of this nominee.

  • This award is open to any university or research institution which has made a significant contribution to Sustainable Energy solutions within the past three years. Criteria could include any or all of the criteria below:
  • Research contributions that have introduced innovative and substantiated solutions to reduction in energy consumption through products, services, skills development or academic and policy contributions
  • Projects which demonstrate the active participation of students or youth in developing energy solutions that have illustrated or potential impact for the country.
  • Successes or results should be substantiated with the impact on cost savings, financial savings, energy savings and carbon emission reduction.
  • A testimonial of support or validation should accompany this nomination.

  • This award can be given to SAEEC board members, individual members, staff members or other stakeholders playing a significant role to keep the association going.
  • Awarded to an individual for special efforts within SAEEC towards the functioning of the Association displaying loyalty, initiative and commitment. Anyone could nominate but the SAEE board to decide

9. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL AWARDS (This category is for recognition of other achievements.   No evaluation from the SAEEC Technical Committee required)
  • South African Individuals or companies, who are members of the SAEEC and who received an international award will be acknowledged with a SAEEC Award Certificate. These awards include but are not limited to the Cleaner Energy Ministerial (CEM) and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Those wanting to be considered for this award need to apply with details of the award received and the reason for receiving such.

10. EXCELLENCE AWARD IN ENERGY – CLOSED CATEGORY. The SAEEC can be contacted for possible nominations.
  • Candidates for this category will be nominated and elected by the Board of the SAEEC, recommendations for nomination are welcome.
  • Individuals who performed on that level (or very close) but who do not qualify for the Hall of Fame due to the EE industry still being rather new. Awarded to recognize an organisation or individual whose role has made a significant difference and contribution towards the growth of the energy efficiency and related industries in the Southern African Region.
  • Demonstrated outstanding achievements in a company, as an individual, by delivering exceptional service, excellent sustainable energy solutions, through innovative ideas and applications, etc. that are viewed as excellent in the industry.
  • The achievements in the last year from date of award entries will be recognized.

11. HALL OF FAME – CLOSED CATEGORY. The SAEEC can be contacted should you wish to put forward a nomination.
  • The Ian Ernest Lane Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the SAEEC.
  • The “SAEEC Hall of Fame” was established in August 2009, by the SAEEC Board and the Hall of Fame committee. On 12 November 2009, the late Dr. Ian Ernest Lane was bestowed the first SAEEC Hall of Fame honour. Therefore, the Board of the SAEEC aptly named the Hall of Fame after Dr. Lane.
  • This high honour will be bestowed on an individual whose service, dedication, commitment and selfless hours were given to the energy industry, particularly in the fields of Engineering, Built Environment, Environmental Studies and Energy Efficiency. By being inducted into the Hall of Fame an individual s achievements are highlighted and it places the winner in an elite class. The SAEEC Hall of Fame includes only the highest caliber individuals who are to be remembered for their achievements.

Ian Ernest Lane Hall of Fame minimum requirements:
  • A nominee must have completed a minimum of 15 years service in the energy field.
  • Candidates may be employed, retired, or deceased.
  • A Hall of Fame nominee does not have to be retired to be nominated or elected; however, all nominees must be at least 35 years of age. The age requirement will not apply to any nominee who is deceased.
  • Each person may nominate up to one member for consideration into the SAEEC Hall of Fame, and no self nominations will be allowed.
  • All nominations are accepted from members of the Energy Managers Hall of Fame, members of the current SAEEC Executive Committee, and Chairpersons or presidents of SAEEC Divisions, recommendations for nomination are however welcomed.
  • The person nominated does not have to be a member of the Association.
The SAEEC Executive Committee reviews the nominations that have been submitted and confirms that each candidate meet the high standards set by the Ian Ernest Lane Hall of Fame.

Those elected into this prestigious group are formally inducted each year into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame at the SAEEC Convention Banquet.

Contact the SAEE Administration Office:
Christine Dunbar
Tel: +27 (063) 235 8031
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